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The second release from this electronic project. If this doesn’t make you think of “It’s Always Rock ‘n’ Roll” or “Agneta Nilsson”, in a very positive way, then I don’t know what to say! Excellent.

“All Human Is Error is the second full-length album by German expatriate (now living in Portland, Oregon) The Brain (aka Karl Gottlaus), and continues his exploration of harsh electronics and violent guitar, this time accompanied by Japanese drummer/percussionist Body Hammer. Utilizing neither sequencers nor digital samplers, neither MIDI technology nor computer-based recording/production techniques, All Human Is Error returns the listener to the mindfields of Germany's post-1960s man-machine blitzkrieg and France's "after the barricades" cold wave vanguard.
Featuring a battery of analog synthesizers, audio generators, and tape machines, as well as slashing, angular guitar and thunderous drums, All Human Is Error takes the molten past of 70s-era "kosmische musik" as an aural starting point before erupting into a volcanic hailstorm seething with calculated menace and mayhem. As a whole, All Human Is Error heralds an uncertain future where the ever present threat of war, environmental collapse, viral apocalypse, and global genocide becomes more probable each day.”
  • LabelWorkshop Of Filthy Creation
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