Brainticket - Celestial Ocean (24-bit remaster) (Mega Blowout Sale)

The great third album (of 3 great ones and then a number of not so great ones) by this Swiss band who operated in Germany and are thought of as being a 'krautrock' band and who actually were in terms of the music and the spirit, if not actually of German nationality. There have been multiple editions of this album and I don't know what the story is, but this is the best-sounding version that I know of; everything flowed just as nicely as it did in that patchouli-scented, blacklight-illuminated room in 1973. A classic of spacey, trippy, early 70s Krautrock soundz.

"Brainticket were among the important pioneers of early psychedelic and spaced out cosmic releases "Cottonwoodhill, "Psychonaut" & of course "Celestial Ocean". Brainticket is actually the brainchild of Joel Vandroogenbroeck of Switzerland with other musicians taking part on different albums. On "Celestial Ocean" Joel is joined by Carole Muriel with her cosmic voice and Barney Palm (percussion). Music is really early Krautrock mixed with a fair amount of analog and spacey keyboards. Songs definitely explore the outer reaches of your mind with some pretty trippy moments all around. Instrumentation is also quite varied with loads of NASA-like space sound bites and some great percussion... A journey of a lifetime."-James Unger/Progarchives
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