Brainville - Live in NYC '98 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Brainville (mk 1) was Daevid Allen-guitar and vocals, Kramer-keyboards/bass/guitar, Hugh Hopper-bass, Pip Pyle-drums. It's amazing to see this document released, especially as I was at this gig in NYC at the Knitting Factory! (I just happened to be in NYC visiting family at the time, but how was I going to pass up a chance to see this??).

"Brainville was the band formed by Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper and the late Pip Pyle all revered musicians within the Canterbury Scene. The band have built up a good groundswell of support over the years that it has been a going concern which is usually when the three members had a gap in their otherwise busy schedules. Sadly founder member Pip Pyle died in the late summer of 2006 however Daevid Allen and Hugh Hopper decided to continue playing concerts with Brainville with a replacement drummer (editor's note: His name is Chris Cutler - some people have heard of him too!) and to this end they have played a number of well received concerts. This album is sourced from a concert that took place at the Knitting Factory venue in New York in 1998. As with any Daevid Allen related release there will be a great deal of interest in the release which will also stretch beyond the Allen fan base into the Canterbury Sound fan base which is also a large and dedicated fan base. (editor's note: I'm sure glad that all these fan bases are being covered) This live recording will be a valuable addition to the catalogue of what is in Daevid Allen’s own words “The Most eccentric 3 piece jazz rock outfit of the Canterbury school”.
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