Brand, Dollar / Abdullah Ibrahim - African Marketplace (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This is one of Abdullah Ibrahim's most colorful band recordings. With a 12-piece group that includes altoist Carlos Ward, trombonist Craig Harris and bassist Cecil McBee along with some lesser-known names, Ibrahim performs eight folklike originals that pay tribute to his life growing up in South Africa. "The Homecoming Song," "Anthem for the New Nation" and especially "The Wedding" (a beautiful hymn) are particularly memorable."-Scott Yanow/All Music Guide

"I first heard this album while living in South Africa in 1981. In a room with mainly homeland bound So. Africans there were smiles, laughter, dance, and this music. Big horns, big drums, and big dance. This music and the anthem "God Bless Africa" were the bookends of any get together. It captures that earthy feel, the- in your face-exuberance, the colors, and rythymn of this big land."
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