Braxton, Anthony/Matt Bauder - 2 + 2 Compositions

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Matt Bauder (saxophone), Anthony Braxton (saxophone), Aaron Siegel (percussion), Zach Wallace (doublebass).

"Matt Bauder's critically-acclaimed recorded debut as a composer occurred right here. Anthony Braxton has of course had as much impact as anyone in modern (jazz) composition. So we are excited by the opportunity to present these two composers - and performers - side by side in a program realized at Wesleyan University in 2003. "The multi-reedist/composer might very well be jazz's last bona fide genius," reads the All Music Guide's entry for Anthony Braxton. "The best of his work is on a level with any art music of the late 20th century, jazz or classical." Fellow multi-reedist/composer, and former Braxton student, Matt Bauder has been an active member of the Berlin, Chicago and New York scenes where he performed and recorded with a long list of today's most prominent improvisers. His 2003 debut, Weary Already of the Way, was a Top 10 of 2004 pick in Coda and led Cadence reviewer Michael Rosenstein to call him "a talent to keep an eye on." 2 + 2 Compositions unites the prolific Braxton with the members of the longstanding improv trio Memorize the Sky, as they perform two innovative graphic score-based pieces from each co-leader. Bauder's works are based on various classes of sound and the inspiration of Braxton and John Cage respectively, and Braxton's pieces come from his new Falling River Musics series, which in his words, "seeks to explore image logic construct 'paintings' as the score's extract music notation."

"..the calmest and most relaxing Anthony Braxton album I’ve ever heard – and that's meant as praise, not criticism – music where every gesture however small seems perfectly rounded in itself... an extraordinary document, and worth hunting down." — Nate Dorward, Paris Transatlantic

"...features two pieces from the recent Falling River Musics series, an intentionally vague structure that still produces strikingly focused results. Lovely sinewy long tones shock and rebound against what Terry Day has lovingly called “plinky-plonk music”, indebted to Webern or Stockhausen’s approach to serial composition, all shot through with those beautiful long effortless Braxton lines..." — Marc Medwin, All About Jazz New York
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