Breant, François - La Nuit Des Lapins Geants

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François Bréant - Keyboards, Balafon, Accordion, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Daniel Beaussier - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Thomas Dalle - Percussion, Electronic Drums, Sound Design
Nicolas Gueret - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Christian Martinez - Trumpet, Bugle
Jean Lou Descamps - Violin, Viola

What a great joy it is to see this new one from keyboardist/composer François, fully 40 years after “Sons Optique” and “Voyeur Extra-Lucide”!
This is a rich, very composed music with ties to jazz, contemporary composition and prog and is a really enjoyable listen!

“It's not jazz, but sometimes it has the scent of jazz.
This is not classical but aspects of some twentieth century composers roam here.
This is not prog-rock but the specters of Soft Machine or King Crimson can surprise you here and there.
This is not world music but we hear gongs, balafons, kalimbas and bongos.
In the manner of a Frank Zappa, an Andre Popp, a Fred Pallem or Beatles, Bréant agglomerates and digests a whole lot of junk styles as in psychedelic posters.
He straddles a heterogeneity claimed and shameless and dares a place where Ravel, Kurt Weil, Zawinul, Lalo Schiffrin, Pink Floyd, Piazzola, coexist in a mischievous broth...”

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