Breant, Francois - Sons Optiques

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I'm certain that many of you will fondly remember this keyboard-dominated album that came out on Egg in France in the late 1970's. In addition to his solo works, Breant was in a band with Albert Marcoeur called Nemo and he is responsible for the wonderful artwork on Albert's first 3 album covers! This album includes contributions from a number of well known musicians: Didier Lockwood, Albert Marcoeur, Pascal Arroyo, Klaus Basquiz, Stella Vander, Guy Delacroix. "A famous producer of the French and African music scenes, Franois Breant was also the author of two albums in the late Seventies, sought-after because of their perfection and of the different innovations that they included. With engineer Andr Harwood, Breant found his perfect soul mate to develop his most advanced concepts. The result: an unique blend of electronic musics and progressive rock with classical influences, difficult to put in any category but still quite easy to grasp, with a particular emphasis on the analog keyboard sounds."
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