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A nice, unique slant on music inspired by soundtrack work and the Berlin electronic school.

"Breidablik is a Norwegian electronic music act headed by Morten Birkeland Nielsen. I became aware of this act via Jordsjø, a truly wonderful symphonic prog act that's bound to be a hit with progheads everywhere, once their stuff becomes more widely available. Jordsjø released a split cassette with Breidablik called Songs from the Northern Wasteland. Unsurprisingly Jordsjø's half is symphonic prog, Breidablik's half is electronic music influenced by the Berlin School of Electronic Music. Next year Breidablik released Vinter, which demonstrates that this will be a force to reckon with in the world of electronic music, although so far it's available on limited edition cassette and download. Later that year comes Penumbra, this time released on vinyl on Pancromatic Records, but it's only limited edition. Here he creates EM of the first order using mainly small, portable, lightweight gear such as the Korg MicroKorg, Arturia MicroBrute, Korg Minilogue, Korg Monotribe (which is a portable sequencer), Omenie Mellotron M3000 (iPad tron app), Dave Instruments Mopho, Korg ARP Odyssey and more. It's truly amazing what these small machines can do from listening to this music, and to think Tangerine Dream created similar music in the mid '70s with far more expensive and bulky gear. The music here captures the mood of the rocky and icy landscape of Norway, giving it that hostile and forbidding vibe. This is some truly amazing stuff that fans of Berlin School electronic music are certain to enjoy."
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