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This is the second release by this excellent jazz/rock/zeuhl band, led by drummer, vocalist & composer Serge Bringolf. His first album was entitled Strave and then when he formed a more permanent band, the band became known as Strave. The sound is a bit different and a little bit harder-edged than the 1st one, although the band is still a nonet (although with pretty different personnel): Claude Boussard-bass, Serge Bringolf-drums, Bertrand Eck-horn, Philippe Geiss-saxes, Alain Lecointe-bass, Mano-vocals, Denis Petithory-trumpet, Emmanuel Sejourne-vibes & marimba as well as the great ex-Art Zoyd guitarist Alain Eckert!

This has obvious influences from Magma especially circa 1001 Cent. (dig the brass/sax arrangements), Tony Williams, Soft Machine and European jazz/rock. A wonderful album by a major talent who never became nearly as well as he deserved. Highly recommended.

"Like Christian Vander, Serge Bringolf, not content with being a fabulous drummer, is also an excellent composer, arranger and orchestrator. Paying no need to classification, his music draws its inspiration from the sensibility of jazz and the violence in rock to create a strong, energetic and totally original sound...all of his records are musical events not to be missed. A cross between Magma, Jacques Thollot and Art Zoyd, Serge Bringolf is a french musician worth keeping an eye on."-La Discographie du Rock Francais
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