Bringolf, Serge - Strave

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The release of this great jazz/rock/Zeuhl album on CD is a cause of great joy for me personally. This is one of the albums I've long waited to appear on CD and also one of the ones that I most wanted Soleil Zeuhl to tackle. This is a nonet of vibes, trumpet, saxes, trombone, violin, flute, bass, drums and female vocals. Originally a double lp set that was recorded in 1980, this has obvious influences from Magma, especially circa 1001 Centigrades, Tony Williams, Soft Machine and European jazz/rock. Serge later formed a group with Alain Eckert (ex Art Zoyd) called Strave that did good work too, but this is his finest hour for certain, imo. A wonderful album and a total classic! Highly recommended.

"Reissue of Serge Bringolf's first album (1980), Strave is an impressive effort. Classified as zeuhl, but including lots of jazz in it, it has a unique sound. Since Bringolf being a drummer, the drums are very important on this album. Add the incredible bass work of Fran├žois Grillot, the impressive brass section consisting of Jean Golanet (trumpet), Philippe Gisselmann (saxophones) and Pascal Beck (trombone) & you have a good idea of what the music sounds like. You just need to throw in some great wordless (scat) vocals. The album consists of 4 long tracks, ranging from fifteen to approximately twenty minutes. A truly inspiring mixture of genres."

"Like Christian Vander, Serge Bringolf, not content with being a fabulous drummer, is also an excellent composer, arranger and orchestrator. Paying no need to classification, his music draws its inspiration from the sensibility of jazz and the violence in rock to create a strong, energetic and totally original sound. "Strave" is the most explosive and direct album...all of his records are musical events not to be missed. A cross between Magma, Jacques Thollot and Art Zoyd, Serge Bringolf is a french musician worth keeping an eye on."-La Discographie du Rock Francais

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