Brotzmann, Peter - Alarm

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"This recording was originally released on vinyl in 1983 as FMP 1030, and is now on CD for the first time in Atavistic's Archive FMP Edition, part of its Unheard Music Series. The great German FMP label went out of business several years ago. The CD insert includes black-and-white photos of Brotzmann and saxist Frank Wright, who has since passed away.

ALARM was a live radio concert in Hamburg for NDR -- North German Radio. It took place on November 12, 1981 in a 200-seat studio, as part of the NDR-Jazzworkshop at the Funkhaus Hamburg. The concert was interrupted by a bomb threat after the 40 minutes we hear, which was only the first half of the planned music. The second piece, by Wright, ends after only three and a half minutes, and a piece by Willem Breuker was never heard at all.

If you have heard other recordings by the Brotzmann Group, such as the (in)famous "Machine Gun," or by the Globe Unity Orchestra, led by pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach, then you know roughly what to expect. The cover depicts the sine wave that was Brotzmann's score. The rising and falling sound of the air raid siren forms the opening theme for the piece.

There is a separation point on the disc about half-way through, but it was actually played as one continuous performance. The break indicates where the original vinyl was divided into Side 1 and Side 2."
Toshinori Kondo (Japan): trumpet
Frank Wright (USA): saxophone
Peter Brotzmann (BRD): saxophone
Willem Breuker (Holland): saxophone
Hannes Bauer (DDR): trombone
Alan Tomlinson (England): trombone
Alexander von Schlippenbach (West Berlin): piano
Harry Miller (South Africa): bass
Louis Moholo (South Africa): drums
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