Brown, Arthur / Kingdom Come - Eternal Messenger – An Anthology 1970-1973 : 5 x CD box (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only)

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Arthur burst upon the UK scene with his extraordinary stage show and one huge hit single. After his original band, The Crazy World, fell apart, he regrouped with Kingdom Come, who released 3 albums, all originally unleashed on a unsuspecting public in 1972 & 1973, and they are all unique, crazed, chaotic space-rock albums that deserve closer attention 50 years later.

“A new boxed set featuring all of the albums recorded by the legendary ARTHUR BROWN & KINGDOM COME issued between October 1971 and April 1973.
The band came together in 1970 following ARTHUR BROWN's failed attempt to form a new band upon the disillusion of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown in 1969.
Based in rural Dorset, Arthur had undertaken rudimentary recordings with the bands The Puddletown Express and Rustic Hinge before forming a new, more satisfactory band KINGDOM COME.
This new remastered boxed set features the albums "GALACTIC ZOO DOSSIER", "KINGDOM COME" and "JOURNEY", along with the archive disc "JAM - THE FIRST SESSIONS 1970" and "AT THE BBC 1971-1972" a twelve track CD featuring sessions recorded for the BBC between March 1971 and September 1972, nine tracks of which are previously unreleased.
The set also adds thirteen bonus tracks (two previously unreleased on CD) taken from studio out-takes and a rare single. Also included is an illustrated booklet with new essay featuring an exclusive interview with Arthur Brown and a replica poster.
"ETERNAL MESSENGER" is a fine tribute to Arthur Brown, a unique and visionary musician.”
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Here you get the complete Kingdom Come load...with great mastering, and the correct track information (unlike the Voiceprint editions!). Arthur Brown wanted to be a bit "free-er" in approach and explore mystic angles lyrically too....and Kingdom Come certainly took him to the freakiest musical places. All the official albums are here, including Journey ,the album that was so far into futuristic 1970's sounds that it was the first album with electronic drums! This was no bad the surprise of most listeners. The album is a mix of Arthur's soulful voice and futuristic music that really bends the mind. The first song, Time Captives, uses the electronic drums almost as a stroboscopic sound tripping up your senses to a chilling effect. Heck, even the lyrics twist your expectations ...the vocals intone "Time Captains" instead of the title while the choppy and jittery guitars dance around the cold drumming doing funny things with your equilibrium! What a start! Nicely all the BBC tracks are on a separate disc....and the wonderfully weird "Jam" session from before the first album is now separated into tracks for easier listening! EVERYTHING you need from a forgotten band well worth your attention. In my opinion Arthur Brown's crowning achievement.
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