Bruce, Dan / :Beta Collective - Time To Mind The Mystics CD

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Dan Bruce- electric guitar, nylon string guitar, Ableton Live programming
Chris Coles - alto/tenor saxophones, vocoder
Brad Wagner - soprano/tenor saxophones, bass clarinet
Caleb Smith - trombone
Will Wedmedyk- vibraphone
Theron Brown - piano, Fender Rhodes, melodica
Aidan Plank - acoustic bass, electric bass
Anthony Taddeo - drums, percussion
Joel Negus- synthesizers (Mystics and Slant)

“Dan Bruce's : beta collective continues to push boundaries in jazz and contemporary music with it's second album, Time to Mind the Mystics, a collection of thought experiments on the intertwined future of humanity and technology. The result is an album brimming with excitement and full of surprises. Bruce's compositional palette provides the backdrop, creating a cinematic soundscape set to distinctive and forceful grooves.”
  • LabelShifting Paradigm
  • UPC195729186057
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