Bruce, Jack - A Question of Time (special)

Great price on this 1989 solo album by Jack, which features a bonus track not on the original issue.

"When this album was released by Epic in '89 it was announced as something like a big come back album, full of illustrious gueststars. Alas that didn't happen, unfortunately, though the album is packed with great tracks, fine songwriting and creative musicianship. Amongst the guests we find Ginger Baker and Tony Williams on drums, Zakir Hussain and a host of fine guitarslingers like Vernon Reid, Vivian Campbell and Allan Holdsworth. There are some really catchy songs like "Life On Earth"(previously released with Robin Trower on "B.L.T.", here with a ferrocious Vernon Reid solo), "Make Love Part II" (originally on the criminally underrated "Automatic"-album) and "Surrender", all tracks there could and should have become hits, at least if we lived in a better world! There is also a return to the avantgardish "Hey Now Princess", originally meant for Cream and recorded by them around "Disrael Gears"with a very inspired Eric, strange it never made it to the album. Here we find Jack united with Ginger, one of the two tracks he plays on, and the result is almost as convincing as the Cream version. All in all a must for all Jack Bruce fans, he is in topform throughout both vocally and basswise, some beautiful fretless work as always. The only thing missing might be the grand Jack ballad, but apart from that it's pure musical joy from start to finish."-Boodi Heeren

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  • LabelAcadia
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