Bruce, Jack / Robin Trower - Seven Moons CD

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Well, this is a pretty great album if you love Jack and/or Robin and also a bit of a great surprise, even though they have worked together before. The tunes are all co-composed by Jack and Robin and definitely have the stamp of both. Jack sounds totally great vocally and on bass, Robin sounds like Robin (meaning that he still has that great Jimi Hendrix-y sound and he's still a king of the wah-wah pedal) and I think that Robin's work compares to his very best work ever. Actually, the fact that Jack's back with a wah-wah'ing guitarist makes some of this reminiscent of Cream (iirc, Eric didn't touch the wah-wah on the Cream reunion, although otherwise, he was in magnificent form - so much so that it made me hate him even more for 30 years of wank...) So, we've got two co-leaders who started in the 60s, and never really lost their sound or their greatness and who do they have as their third key member? Why, the great Gary Husband (drummer for Allan Holdsworth, Ray Russell, John McLaughlin and many others). No real surprises, but totally on-form work from these rock music legends. If you think this is something you will like, you will love this.
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