Bruford, Bill - Bruford and the Beat DVD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“How great to watch Bruford explain how he creates drumming riffs and patterns. His insight about his left hand technique, and what that has meant to him as a musician, was particularly valuable. A real treat to watch him drum up close, and to watch the King Crimson footage. The interview of Steve Howe concerning Bruford's contribution to YES was dead-on. Nice video.”

“Being a big fan of Neil Peart's expansive drumming dvds, I was a little edgy to find out this Bruford DVD was only half an hour in length. But, it is a high-quality half an hour, in my opinion!
"Brevity is the essence of wit" applies here. Bill doesn't seem to waste time drawing out any subject too long, and his demonstrations and comments about gigging etc were very good. I'm glad he didn't rip Yes or cast dispersions upon anyone he's worked with here, he always works from a positive point of view in this video.
The sound quality is very good, and the video is of non-stellar quality but certainly gets the job done with effective camera angles so you can see what Bill is doing.
It's a nice 30 minute introductory clinic with Bill Bruford. It's pretty, erm...concise, and certainly more would be appreciated, but when it ended I felt pretty satisfied. Any musician and especially drummers would appreciate this.”-Daniel E. Simes
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