Bruford, Bill / Earthworks - A Part, And Yet Apart (Mega Blowout Sale)

“Earthworks' sophomore lineup of Bill Bruford (drums), Patrick Clahar (saxes), Mark Hodgson (upright bass) and Steve Hamilton (piano) has produced an effort worth every penny to jazz and fusion fans alike. Although fans of traditional jazz may find more progressive efforts a bit harsh to the ears, this release takes Bruford back to his roots in jazz and will certainly appeal to even those that claim to be "purists."
Absent are the electronic keys and chordal drums prevalent in earlier Earthworks releases ("Earthworks," "Dig?"), and in their place an acoustic instrumentation that lends itself well to the diversity of compositions. For instance, the title track is almost reminiscent of early Brubeck, while tunes such as "The Emperor's New Clothes" take on a decidedly more modern feel. The ending track, "Dewey-Eyed, Then Dancing" brings a romantic close to this very powerful recording.”-Johanna McKenna
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