Bruford, Bill / Michiel Borstlap - In Two Minds (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Drummer Bill Bruford and Dutch pianist and keyboardist Michiel Borstlap have performed together as duos on a very occasional basis during the past few years. The music on In Two Minds features the two old friends at four live concerts from 2006-2007 that were performed in England and Norway. All of the crowd noise and applause has been edited out, so it sounds like a studio set. However very little editing and no overdubbing or mixing took place, so this is an accurate reproduction of the live performances.
Borstlap and Bruford perform 11 free improvisations plus Miles Davis' "All Blues." While the playing is spontaneous, it is often melodic with a logical development and plenty of variety. A few of the selections have such strong structures that they almost sound like a standard. Some of the other pieces mostly set moods, emphasize color or have one basic idea or plot. There are a few torrid sections (such as during the well-titled "Sheer Reckless Abandon") while others are much more lyrical or laid-back. Most of the playing is so successfully intuitive that the music does not sound like a free group improvisation but a planned-out original. The results are consistently intriguing and rewarding.”-AllMusic
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