Buckethead - Young Buckethead 1 DVD

"Super rare footage of Buckethead solo and with the Deli Creeps circa 1990 - 1991. This DVD begins with the Deli Creeps' complete concert on 11/24/90 at the Cactus Club in San Francisco. The lineup is Maximum Bob, Pinch Face, Tony Black, and Buckethead, who delivers a stunning performance. The next sequence captures the band's soundcheck earlier that day, with lots of great guitar riffing and a powerful Maximum Bob performance. On the weirder side, "Buckethead in the Basement" presents Buck up close in a translucent mask, playing cinematic keyboard synth accompaniment to a buddy's insane ravings. This completely unrehearsed footage captures Buckethead's improvisational genius on keyboard, including some great "Giant Robot" passages. "Buckethead's Backyard Solo" presents the full 14-minute guitar blitz (the Guitar World footage shows only a portion). Buckethead goes from shredding to bass-string-popping to "Hog Bitch Stomp" to horror movie themes, original shards, and a sublime "I Love My Parents." This truly has to be seen to be believed."
  • Format TypeNTSC
  • Region CodingAll Region
  • LabelAvabella
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