Budjana, Dewa - Naurora CD

DEWA BUDJANA - guitars, soundscapes
BEN WILLIAMS - upright bass (Sabana Shanti)
CARLITOS DEL PUERTO - bass guitar & upright bass (Naurora, Kmalasana, Blue Mansion)
DAVE WECKL - drums (Swarna Jingga, Sabana Shanti)
GARY HUSBAND - piano, synth (Blue Mansion)
IMEE OOI - vocals (Naurora)
JIMMY JOHNSON - bass guitar (Swarna Jingga)
JOEY ALEXANDER - acoustic piano (Naurora, Sabana Shanti)
MATEUS ASATO - guitar intro & guitar solo (Swarna Jingga)
PAUL MCCANDLESS - soprano sax (Sabana Shanti)
SIMON PHILLIPS - drums (Naurora, Kmalasana, Blue Mansion)

“Naurora is undoubtedly Dewa Budjana's most ambitious work yet. Progressive, fresh, engaging, technically brilliant. Budjana’s tunes consistently clasp his listeners in a drape of gorgeous melodies, showpiece guitar parts and astounding ensemble passages that have a spacious air. Naurora, has is an exhilarating mix of styles, it delivers a succession of memorable motifs. It melds East Asian music with progressive jazz fusion and some occasional elements of rock, but most of all it delivers an idiosyncratic sound that is instantaneously identifiable as Dewa Budjana’s own.”
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