Buechi, Sarah - Shadow Garden

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Sarah Buechi, Voice, Composition, Lyrics
Stefan Aeby, Piano
André Pousaz, Double Bass
Lionel Friedli, Drums

"Turning something complicated into something straight_forward. Loaded questions into shimmering and dancing images. Follow your heart. Find your way, keep on moving relentlessly. Together with Sarah Buechi in the Shadow Garden.

Bert Noglik writes in the liner notes: "The scope of songs ranges from those with a ballad feel up to those surging with emotion, from folk-like songs to vocal escapades, from relaxed, melancholic or euphoric reflections on the world to rock-like rhythmic intensity. Often, with a kind of lyrical deliberation, story-like, as if someone is sitting down opposite.

Light-footedly she approaches the big issues. She orbits around existential matters with her poetical texts and rediscovers herself in streams of words, vocalese, sounds and rhythms. Accompanied by the group, her group, which only comes together in this particular line-up for her - with her."
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