Bushman - Polyphonies From The Kalahari Desert DVD (special)

"They live in north of the Kalahari, in a semi-desert bush region, and they rarely travel outside their country. Even today, the Ju'hoan culture's polyphonies are closely tied to community life. Each community has its own repertories. Hand-clapping, shakers, metal percussion instruments and the famous clicks (the clicking of the tongue against the palate) give rhythm to the songs.
The music today, as in the past accompanies all the rituals (initiation of the boys to manhood and girls to womanhood, hunting, preventive medicine) and the rhythm of daily life (games, recreations, berceuses). A day does not pass that the community does not sing or play their music instruments. For every activity there is a precise musical catalog, composed of one or several pieces possessing specific characteristics and carrying a clean name in the language of the ju'hoansi that is quite enchanting.
This unique performance by the Bushman of Namibia, was filmed at the Le Imagination Festival, France."
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