Byrds-Preflyte 2 x CDs (special)

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If you are an old guy, you undoubtably have a fondness for this great American band. This is very early stuff, but almost all of it is really fine stuff for the time.

"In those heady days before they knocked AM radio (and the British Invasion) for a loop with their smash single "Mr. Tambourine Man" in the spring of ’65, the Byrds were busy honing their repertoire, cutting early versions of brilliant songs like "You Showed Me," "She Has a Way" and "Boston." Produced by Jim Dickson, and sporting the original Keith Olsen stereo mixes, Preflyte is a hypnotic backward glance at the musical baby pictures of McGuinn, Crosby, Clark & Co. just before they changed the whole world—for the first time!"

"Before they were The Byrds, the band recorded a number of demos that have appeared in various forms since the original "Preflyte" release on vinyl over twenty years ago. Since then this set, again in various forms under the "Preflyte" title (and others) over the years from James Dickson's private stash of tapes. This reissue takes the bulk of the previously available Byrds demos and gathers them in one place for a two disc set. We get the following tracks (vs. the 40 from the original Preflyte):
Disc: 1
1.The Reason Why
2.You Won't Have To Cry
3. She Has A Way
4.You Showed Me
5.Here Without You
6.Don't Be Long
7.I Knew I'd Want You
9.Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away
10.For Me Again
11.It's No Use
12.You Movin'
13.Please Let Me Love You
14.Airport Song
15.Mr. Tambourine Man
16.She Has a Way
17.I Knew I'd Want You
19.You Showed Me
20.The Times They Are A Changin

Disc 2
1.The Only Girl I Adore
2.Tomorrow Is A Long Ways Away
3.You Showed Me
4.I Knew I'd Want You
5. You Won't Have To Cry
6.Mr. Tambourine Man
7.Willie Jean
8.Come Back Baby
9.Jack Of Diamonds
10.Get Together
11.She Has A Way
12.Here Without You
13.For Me Again
14.It's No Use
15.You Movin'
17.She Has A Way
18.You Movin'
19.Reason Why
20.It's No Use
21.Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Demo)
22.You Won't Have To Cry (Demo)
23.You Showed Me (Demo)
24.I Knew I'd Want You (Demo)
25.Mr Tambourine Man (Demo)
26.She's The Kind Of Girl (Demo)
27.I'm Just A Young Man (Demo)
28.Everybody's Been Burned (Demo)

On the first CD tracks 1-2, 14-15, CD 2, tracks 3-4, 12-13, 15-17 were all previously issued on Preflyte, Together LP 1969

CD 1, tracks 3, 8, 10-12, 16-20 & CD 2, tracks 9-11, 18-20 all were first issued on The Preflyte Sessions, Sundazed CD 2001

CD 1, tracks 4-7, 9, 13 & CD 2, Tracks 2, 5-6, 14 were on the Rhino compilation In the Beginning CD from 1988 which used alternate takes from the "Together" LP

The remaining tracks on CD 2 tracks 1, 7-8 were previously issued on Early L.A., Together 1971 CD 2, Tracks 21-28 received their first offical release here.
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