Cale, John/Terry Riley - Church of Anthrax (mini-lp sleeve) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Great to see this long unavailable underground rock/new music classic available again, after a long period of unavailability. When I was in High School and first bombarding myself with the 'secrets' of weirdo music, this 1970 recording brought together two influencial figures who I couldn't quite figure out how they ever got together. I didn't realize/didn't know who La Monte Young was and realize that that was the connection. In any event, at its best (all of side one, a good bit of side two), this manages to bring together Riley's 'Poppy Nogood'-isms with Cale's underground rock. It's now 40 years old and I can't say it sounds 'contemporary', but you can definitely hear where a lot of things we take for granted in contemporary music got their start.
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