Calibro 35 - Ritornano Quelli Di... (The Return Of) 2 x vinyl lps (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Retro-fuzz-a-delic Italian action/horror music in all it’s cinematic crime-funk-salsa glory!

“Described by Rolling Stone as "the most fascinating, retro-maniac and genuine thing that has happened to Italy in the past few years", Calibro 35 enjoy a reputation as one of the coolest bands around.
This is a reissue of CALIBRO 35's 2010 second studio album "Ritornano Quelli Di (The Return of)" a part of a trilogy of reissues of the Italian cinematic funk combo first albums.
The second of Calibro 35's albums is another journey through the grime-stricken underbelly of Italy's B-movie crime scene, full of fuzzed-out guitars, distorted organs, and dark, brooding bass lines.
The attention to detail is staggering as always. Expect a heady brew of jazz, fuzz guitars and funky grooves that perfectly recreate a seedy world of undercover cops, femme fatales and car chases.”

“I heard this on the radio in Chiavari, Italy last summer. A mix of giallo soundtracks and other bits of music from old classic Italian whodunnits. All played by combo that could have featured in one of the many nightclub scenes in the films they celebrate.
Great, just this side of kitsch, party music. So get out those Italian calf-skin loafers and go cut a rug (or taglia un tappetto as the Italians would say)
You'll have to excuse me. I have an art gallery in Milan to rob and my cinquecento driver is calling me...”-P Martland
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