Calvert, Robert - Revenge / Centigrade 232 : 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“A unique 2 cd set from the archives of the late ex HAWKWIND front man Robert Calvert. REVENGE was originally a mini album of demos by Peter Pavli (bass player for HIGH TIDE) and Robert Calvert added lyrics and vocals and also features from HAWKWIND and HIGH TIDE Simon House on violin. For this re issue we have added four bonus tracks found by Peter Pavli, who has also re mixed and re mastered this material and all feature Calvert, Pavli and House.
CENTIGRADE 232 is basically a spoken word piece originally published in 1977 and recited by Calvert in 1986 and was at the time only available on cassette. This collection will be essential for all HAWKWIND and CALVERT fans and collectors.”

“Robert Calvert certainly varied his sound over the years, when you compare the albums Lockheed, Lucky Leif and Freq, they are sonically poles apart. The Revenge EP has it's own sound too and as with all Calvert's output, it is great stuff. The 2 tracks with Simon House's violin on are particularly enjoyable.
It is marvelous to have recordings of Robert reading his brilliant poetry and that's what you get with Centigrade 232. I find the poems have more life to them when listened to rather than read. Greatest pleasure for myself comes from following the text whilst listening, there are many of his poems included and the majority are excellent.
Overall this is a superb 2 disc package. The Revenge EP has 5 tracks as they appeared on the original release, but here all the tracks are repeated with additional work having been done on them. It may appear as something targeted at completists and hardcore fans, but if you have a penchant for modern poetry I'm sure you would enjoy this release, personally, I love it.”
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