Camel - At The Royal Albert Hall DVD

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Andrew Latimer - Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Colin Bass - Bass, Bass Pedals, Vocals
Denis Clement – Drums, Electric Percussion
Pete Jones - Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals

β€œβ€˜At The Royal Albert Hall' celebrates CAMEL's superb 'Moonmadness 2018 tour. Universally acclaimed by everyone that saw it, the RAH concert on September 17, 2018 was the pinnacle of the tour! Approximately 2 and a half hours of music!”

- Set 1 - Moonmadness:
Song Within a Song
Chord Change
Spirit of the Water
Another Night
Air Born
Lunar Sea
- Set 2:
Hymn to Her
End of the Line
Coming of Age
Mother Road
Hopeless Anger
Long Goodbyes
Lady Fantasy
  • Format TypeNTSC
  • Region CodingAll Region
  • LabelCamel Productions
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