Campbell, Neil - Ghost Stories CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

Anne Taft - Voice
Neil Campbell - Guitar
Michael Beiert - Electronics, Soundscape

"This aptly titled collection from master British guitarist-composer Neil Campbell is a heady, haunting mix of traditional classical guitar pieces enlivened by the powerful wordless vocals of Anne Taft and the wispy synth work of Michael Beiert... Introspective pieces such as the elegiac "Ghost Tango" and brief "Sketch" echo Steve Hackett's best solo acoustic work (with and post-Genesis). At the other end of the spectrum, the epic "Ghost Story Suite" is a multi-layered musical journey that draws from influences as diverse as Annie Haslem-era Rennaissance, 20th century chamber music, and jazz guitarist Pat Metheny - 15/16" - Nick Tate, Progression

"Neil is an accomplished classical guitarist who has a tender touch on the instrument and successfully evokes the various moods of evening and night-time reflections and experiences through dreamy sequences and tasteful melodies. Anne Taft's voice is soothing and emotive and comfortably enhances the lyrical guitar as the 30 minute suite opens up from Beiert's gentle atmosphere to a floating sensation created by voice and guitar. . . "- Richard Barnes, Sea of Tranquility

“A hauntingly beautiful album of instrumental music by guitar virtuoso and composer Neil Campbell. This album has a dark, brooding feel to it. The guitar and wordless vocals draw you in with great textures of light and shade. It is a beautiful piece of music, superbly crafted and meticulously played, very subtle, but with an effortlessly flowing style. Running throughout, like a slowly unwinding thread, is Campbell’s intricate acoustic guitar.”-Peter Critchley
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