Campbell, Neil - Last Year’s News (new release – special offer)

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Neil Campbell (guitars, bass, keyboards and sundry percussion)
Joey Zeb (drums on tracks 2, 4, 8, 10 and 11)
Roger Gardiner (Overwater bass on track 6)
Jon Lawton (additional percussion)

' outstanding guitarist whose originality of thought makes him far more than just another gifted purveyor of finger acrobatics.' - Classical Guitar Magazine
“Last Year's News is the third album in my Flood Trilogy along with the solo album The Outsider - News from Nowhere and the band album After the Flood. The concept underlying the three albums involves imagining what sort of music musicians might make if, after some sort of disaster (man-made or natural), there were just a handful of survivors intent on creating the musical soundtrack to a fairer world than the one in which we currently live.
This album is a more personal album than its two predecessors and is drawn into two halves, the first half light and positive, and the second half (side 2 if you like) slightly edgier and more introspective. Most of the pieces were composed as initial sketches throughout the course of 2017 and recorded as little demos on my phone, mainly on steel string acoustic guitar.
Whilst almost every one of my recent recording projects has involved protracted studio sessions sometimes months apart with lots of thinking time between sessions and lots of opportunities to add layers and refine performances and mixes, with this new project I wanted to get as close as possible to the spontaneity of getting ideas down without too much procrastination and planning. So, within this set there is a high degree of improvisation and the compositions were to a very large extent completed quite intuitively and quickly in the studio over a very small number of sessions.” – Neil Campbell, November 2018
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