Campbell, Neil - The Outsider : News From Nowhere (new release - special offer)

Neil Campbell (classical and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, harpsichord, harmonium, synthesizer, glockenspiel, baby vibes, wind chimes, sea drum, shouts and handclaps)
Jon Lawton (percussion programming, shakers and handclaps)
Laurence Cocchiara (violins)
Helen Maher (accordion on track 10)

Lovely and engaging, very orchestral progressive music featuring Neil's classical and acoustic guitars with a full band sound.
We've carried Neil's work for years and he always does great work, but he's outdone himself this time. Highly recommended to fans of Flairck, Mike Oldfield, Aparecidos, etc.

"The Outsider leaves the everyday world in search of a new beginning; a life free from the drudgery of mundane existence to a transcendental happiness, echoing themes in Morris’ book. What we get are musical impressions of the journey through a world that no longer exists in today’s urbanised society but one that can be explored in the individual’s heart and mind."-Joe Coventry, Nerve Magazine

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