Canterbury Glass - Sacred Scenes and Characters (with guest Steve Hackett)

"Mainstays of the band Canterbury Glass, Malcolm Ironton and Mike Hall were Hornsey Art College students, where Pink Floyd developed their experimental light shows. An early brush with Pye and John Schroeder, releasing a duo single as Mick and Malcolm, led to them building up a band and playing the university circuit. Malcolm's formative years in the Royal School Of Church Music singing at venues such as Westminster Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral, combined with his more recent experience playing supports to Caravan, Ten Years After, Jimi Hendrix, and regular stints at the Middle Earth, shaped his view of rock music when it came time to write material for the newly christened Canterbury Glass. Recording at Olympic Studios in 1969, with Chris Kimsey in the chair, the group delivered a full on concept rock chorale, which included a guest appearance by future Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett (the track 'Prologue'). Bids from Polydor, EMI and CBS were played off against each other by the band's manager, who duly lost the lot and the album remained unreleased (though it did reach the front cover stage; the artwork survived and we have it here). A further session track from a Regent Sound session has since been recovered and added to this rather unique package."
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