Canvas Solaris - Chromosphere CD

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Nathan Sapp- 6 string lead, rhythm, and acoustic guitars, synths, samples, and programming
Chris Rushing- 6 string lead and 7 string rhythm guitars
Gael Pirlot- 6 string fretted and fretless bass, additional synths
Hunter Ginn- drums and percussion
Guest Musicians:
Jimmy McCall- bass 4:17-4:38 in Extrasolar Biosignature
Ben Simpkins- guitar solo 1:17-1:40 in False Vacuum
Justin Prevatt-additional programming

"Ten years away from the studio hasn’t extinguished Canvas Solaris’s schizophrenic fire. In fact, their return is heralded by a remarkably heaving low end, an uptick in intensity, and a meaner, nastier attack. There is much threat throughout the bulk of Chromosphere, revealing a Canvas Solaris that holds back nothing. Never has their delivery felt so monolithic.
While there are the expected pockets of nuance and kaleidoscopic color, the band apparently were seething to return with a considerable vengeance. Since their first official recordings surfaced nearly 20 years ago, Canvas was a band fueled by the inspiration of metal and prog’s most astute risk-takers. With albums like The Atomized Dream (2008) and Irradiance (2010), they capped their first era with a sound that, despite numerous inspirations and forbears, was all their own. Now, throughout Chromosphere, their maturity bleeds through via stellar performance and masterful composition, but the abandon these six songs are performed with is on an intensity level usually reserved for newer, younger, hungrier units. The bluster of “Extrasolar Biosignature” and the erudition of “Black Drop Effect” are but two high points of an album that any fan of nerd-core tech-metal madness will revel in. Chromosphere is Canvas Solaris reignited and fully realized."-Jeff Wagner Radical Research Podcast
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