Canvas Solaris - Cortical Techtonics

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Fourth and best-so-far album by this really great progressive, technical metal, math-rock instrumental quintet. Using guitars, multi-keyboards, bass and drums, their sound is somewhere between Behold...The Arctopus, The Fucking Champs, Gordian Knot and 1980s King Crimson. And it's instrumental, so you don't have to listen past a singer to hear what's going on here.

"Ultra-technical, futuristic instrumental jazz/metal is the order of the day, served with a side of kick-ass. Fans of Gordion Knot and Spiral Architect will rejoice, but fans of Don Caballero, Dysrhythmia, Cynic, and even Coprofago will all probably find something to sink their teeth into."
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You might as well raise the white flag while you still can and listen in awe as Canvas Solaris' searing symphonic superstring structures slice through the sparks in your synapses and shake you all the way down to your DNA. What really sets the Solarians apart from the rest of the tech-math-metal-prog pack is their finely tuned sense of melody and dynamics. They know that nonstop fast, loud and brutal can be just as tedious as nonstop slow, soft and spineless. So luminous tranquil moments appear, almost Messiaenic in their spacy beauty, bathing your mental landscape in their auroral glow before gradually mutating into something very different or being pulverized by an unexpected blast of spastic violence. Some critic, somewhere,will write this off as "music for people with no attention span." They'll be wrong; to follow these musical twists and turns requires the sort of concentration that burns holes in granite blocks. But the effort pays off in spades; there's real feeling, emotion and soul behind these insane time signatures and eerie harmonies. No retro fauxprog here; Canvas Solaris is truly cutting edge, pushing the envelope just as far in their own way as the classic prog bands of the 70s did in theirs.
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