Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Electricity 1967-1968

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This is a repackaging of disc two - one of the discs of great stuff from the now long out of print Grow Fins box set, so it's utterly worthless if you own that and really good and worthwhile (and quite good sounding for 50 year old unreleased recordings) if you don't!

1 Electricity (1968 Live) 3: 42
2 Sure Nuff N Yes I Do (1968 Live) 2:57
recorded live at MIDEM Pop Festival, Cannes beach, France.

3 Rollin N Tumblin (1968 Live) 11:08
4 Electricity (1968 Live) 3:54
5 Yer Gonna Need Somebody On Yer Bond (1968 Live) 6:25
6 Kandy Korn (1968 Live) 4:21
recorded live at Frank Freeman's Dance Studio, Kidderminster, UK.

7 Korn Ring Finger (1967 Demo) 7:23
recorded at T.T.G Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
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