Captain Beefheart - Le Nouvel Hippodrome Paris 1977 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Decently good bootleg sound and a good show from Don, Eric Drew Feldman, Denny Wally, Jeff Morris Tepper and Robert Williams.

"Nuts and bolts first-the sound quality. It's actually pretty good/good, better than you might think from 1977 on a Paris, France stage. It's fairly crisp and clean but with a slightly "distant" sound to everything. If you've heard other similar live recordings--bootleg or legitimate--you've heard this kind of sound before. But if you don't mind the less than perfect sound this is a good example of Beefheart/the Magic Band in action.
The music. With compositions from several of the band's albums, this version of the Magic Band is in great form--unfettered but holding everything together--with The Captain's visceral vocals over everything the band is churning out. From the start there's an intensity that comes only from a band like this-good players with Beefheart in charge. The band is: Beefheart-vocals/sax/gong, Robert Williams-drums/percussion, Eric Feldman-bass/keyboards/synth, Denny Walley and Jeff Morris-guitars/slide guitars, with occasional harmonica from Harry Duncan.
Picking highlights is useless. This needs to be experienced in one sitting--no stopping to do something else. As the concert unfolds you can hear both Beefheart and the Magic Band playing off of each other with an increasing intensity that is stunning in spots. Everything sounds loose and wild, but at the same time there's an intuitive "something" working here between everyone that keeps things from totally flying away. Even a short recitation by Beefheart is in the tradition of spoken word jazz and has a captivating feel to it. And instrumentally the band is in good form, both supporting The Captain and going off on tangents at the same time."-Stuart Jefferson
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