Captain Beefheart - Under Review DVD

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These sort of 'unauthorized critical analysis' DVDs are mostly really vile, and this one is sort of too, but Don Vleit is such an important musical figure (sez I) and the true story/history has been shrouded in myth for so long that this is actually worth watching. John French, Mark Boston, Jeff Morris Tepper, Elliot Ingber, Jerry Handley, Doug Moon, Gary Marker, Eric Drew Feldman and Gary Lucas all provide commentary about their time with the band and the history of it all, along with biographer Mike Barnes, who wrote a very good book about Beefheart. There's some great, amazing archival footage (and yes, they talk over it), but if you aren't someone who seeks out various rarities online, some of this will be new to you and quite amazing, featuring the band in several of their primes live.
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