Caravan - If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You (expanded / remastered)

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Fantastic remaster with bonus tracks. This boasts improved sound, excellent liner notes, rare photos and tons of rare bonus tracks that have never before been heard! You just can't do better than these! If you don't know Caravan, let me recommend this one.


* A Day In The Life Of Maurice Haylett (5:40)
This outtake from the If I Could sessions was already included on the Where But For Caravan Would I compilation issued last summer, but reappears here as it should have, since it is a song that largely deserves to be heard in conjunction with album. If I Could... was quite a long album for this time period, and there was no room left to include it. Why it was never used until now remains something of a mystery, apart from the fact that everyone seemed to have forgotten about its very existence. Apparently there was no shortage of material during this period, and unlike later outtakes, most of which surfaced on subsequent albums, this didn't. A Day... is very typical of early 70s Caravan, in that it starts very quietly and then builds into something much bigger, culminating with a classic Sinclair organ solo. Excellent stuff.

* Why? (demo version of And I Wish I Were Stoned) (4:22)
* Clipping The 8th (demo version of Hello Hello) (3:13)
* As I Feel I Die (demo version) (4:39)
These are pro-quality studio demos dating from the period between the first and second Caravan albums, at at time when the band was without a label and self-financed recordings of then-new material with a view to getting a new contract. These versions are very similar to those which appeared on the finished album, just a bit less polished, especially in the vocal department. And I Wish... has Pye singing lead all the way through, rather than Richard.
Understandable since this is his song, but with the lack of any songs by Richard on the album, it was later decided that he should perform the lead vocal (in contrast, the demo of Hello Hello, yet another Hastings song, already has him singing lead).
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