Caravan - Waterloo Lilly (expanded/remastered)

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Fantastic new remaster with bonus tracks that have just been released in the UK. They boast improved sound, excellent liner notes, rare photos and tons of rare bonus tracks that have never before been heard! You just can't do better than these!

THE BONUS MATERIAL - DETAILED REVIEW (by Aymeric Leroy) * Pye's June Thing (2:57) * Ferdinand (2:57) These two solo voice/guitar performances by Pye Hastings date from the last days of the original line-up, in early June 1971. Pye's songs from this period have a certain charm that is particularly in evidence on these stripped down (except for some lead acoustic guitar overdubs), acoustic takes. Very much in the style of The World Is Yours or Aristocracy, and equally attractive. * Looking Left, Looking Right (5:37) An outtake from the early sessions for Waterloo Lily, in November 1971, with Steve Miller's unique electric piano playing well to the fore. The song itself, written by Pye Hastings, I find more typical of late-period Caravan (it especially brought to my mind Make Yourself At Home from The Album), with a slightly funk-rock feel and bluesy structure. It is also notable for a guest appearance by trumpet player Mike Cotton, who also plays on part of The Love In Your Eye. Not an unforgettable classic but certainly a complete song that fully belongs with the rest of the album. * Pye's Loop (1:21) Actually segued to the previous track at the mastering stage, this is a riff from Looking Left used as the background for a trumpet solo by Cotton which makes use of the delay pedal in the manner of some of Miles Davis' work from that era. Nice.
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