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"Caravela Escarlate is a rather young Brazilian progressive rock band featuring one of the best South American keyboardists - Ronaldo Rodrigues, who has already showed his skills in his previous formations: heavy prog Massahara and symphonic prog Arcpelago. Caravela Escarlate is definitely more similar to the latter one as the guys are playing some truly spectacular symphonic stuff here. However the main difference between aforementioned Arcpelago and this new group are the vocals because this time Ronaldo Rodrigues decided to focus solely on his keyboard duties and left singing to the bassist/guitarist - David Paiva. And even so I'd prefer Ronaldo to continue singing, I have to admit that David isn't too bad either. He's definitely a competent vocalist, too. Anyway, this album isn't actually this band's first recording, as last year they already released 'Rascunho', but frankly, the debut was more like a 'prototype' because they had no drummer back then so it slightly lacked that rock energy necessary in prog-rock. And this 2nd offering of Caravela Escarlate definitely doesn't have this problems anymore as Elcio C'faro successfully filled the void and provided the music with some wonderful drumming.
Caravela Escarlate' is one of the top 10 best progressive rock albums of 2018. There's no doubt about about it. All fans of symphonic prog (especially the 70s, retro style) simply must give it a try. Especially fans of keyboard trios like Trace, Triumvirat or Refugee can't miss it because they will find a lot to like here. I'm certain that a great future lies ahead of this band."-ProgArchives
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