Cardiacs - Greatest Hits CD

A fine place to start if you just want a sampling of what they do. But then, of course, you will want them all...

The Cardiacs are a great, long-lived UK outfit, founded in 1977, who combine punk energy with very odd cabaret leanings and a fondness for musical complexity that undoubtedly got them gobbed on even more than usual during the 'age of punk'. They didn't care; "wankers", they cried to the unbelievers!

"In my fathers house there are many mansions. But where to start? How about ‘Cardiacs Greatest Hits’. A fourteen track compilation that plunders all the studio albums back to 1988, and features ‘Faster Than Snakes with a Ball and Chain’, an exclusive song of exceptional beauty, it is unavailable anywhere else. Gloriously packaged with an eight-page gallery…an exquisite montage of Cardiacs history in pictures!

Accompanied by approved texts, Cardiacs Greatest Hits is a collection of wondrous and expansive music. An euphoric plethora. Cardiacs lovingly put this album together for YOU. New to Cardiacs? Buy this one first!"
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