Cardiacs - Guns CD

For reasons I have never quite understood, and maybe they never understood either, Guns, released in 1999, was the band's last studio album.

"Guns…the perfect companion to ‘Sing To God’. Cardiacs extend the blueprint ever outwards with a 12 song colossus, bursting with brilliance, fire, and beauty. Guns… the last album of the Jon Poole-era line up, swims reedier rivers than Cardiacs have previously ventured into. Won’t you become enchanted in the warmth of the ghostly ‘Jitterbug’? Paint a star on your beautiful cheek and stomp with the weeds to ‘Sleep All Eyes Open’? Powerfully revolve your pretend Stetson to ‘There’s Good Cud’? Or FRUG like an insane to ‘Will Bleed Amen’? Shoot a silver bullet into your fucking mind and repeat the mantra… Guns…Magnificently intolerable… Guns…Wild and eerie…an album spattered with ghosts… Guns…A voyage below the pond… Guns…The haunted bullet that will NOT be removed… Guns…Shooting up your mind cells… Guns…Barking and Hollering…"
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