Cardiacs - Heaven Born and Ever Bright CD

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As it says in Wikipedia: " The power quartet established: Heaven Born and Ever Bright and the Rough Trade debacle (1991–1994)." These guys just could NOT catch a break...

"This excellent album, originally released in 1992 begins with a specially commissioned hymn in glorious praise of THE ALPHABET BUSINESS CONCERN and continues with an unrepenting splendour guaranteed to lift the bloated heart and swollen lungs from even the lowest ebb. Originally marketed by Rough Trade. The methods employed by this company gave this wonderful album the distinction of being probably the rarest Cardiacs release of all. Until NOW!"

The Cardiacs are a great, long-lived UK outfit, founded in 1977, who combine punk energy with very odd cabaret leanings and a fondness for musical complexity that undoubtedly got them gobbed on even more than usual during the 'age of punk'. They didn't care; "wankers", they cried to the unbelievers!
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