Cardiacs - The Seaside (original edition restored) 2 x vinyl lps (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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"Remastered from the original tapes with all 13 original tracks restored and committed to heavy double vinyl. Lovingly recreated artwork with unseen photography in gatefold format. Download voucher includes three alternate version of 'Gena Lolla Brigida', 'Hope Day' and 'Jibber and Twitch' from the 1995 reissue. Amazing!"

This is their 3rd album and it was originally released on cassette only. Lots of great ones on this one: how can you fault any album that brought us "To Go Off And Things" as well as "Gibber And Twitch". Well, you can't!

Update: You can't fault it, but you can improve it. As I understand it, The Seaside was originally released on cassette only. When it was later made available as a CD in the 90s, some tracks were taken off, and some parts were re-done or alternative versions to the original were used.

Here, finally, for the 1st time since its original release over 30 years ago, is the original version of the group's first truly FANTASTIC album.

This is the album where they supported Marillion and were practically thrown off the stage by angry fans every night.

"By autumn 1984, the band lineup had settled as the sextet generally referred to as "the classic line-up" - Tim Smith (lead vocals and guitar), Jim Smith (bass and vocals), William D. Drake (keyboards and vocals), Sarah Smith (saxophones and vocals), Tim Quy (percussion and bass synth) and Dominic Luckman (drums). The first Cardiacs release featuring the "classic" line up was their third album, The Seaside (although Marc Cawthra featured throughout on drums, keyboards and voice)...The album was released on Cardiacs own record label, Alphabet (which later became Alphabet Business Concern). The bizarre and sinister "Alphabet Business Concern" mythology now began to become a significant part of Cardiacs' artistic presentation, and the band members would promote and add to it at every opportunity. The band evolved an elaborate and theatrical stage show, involving "bandsmen's uniforms, make-up, Sarah's music stand, (and) Tim's mile-wide grin."-Wikipedia
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