Care Of The Cow - Dogs’ Ears Are Stupid

In the very early 80s, Chicago-based Care Of The Cow released two fine, unique, quirky albums which were favorites at the time at chez Wayside.
This was their second and last and was only released on cassette in 1983! This is the very first time it has been released digitally and I am very happy to be reminded of this old friend, especially as I no longer have a working cassette player!

"Experimental folk-rock music into minimal synth depths. What a gem!"-Archaic Inventions

"An absolute unique psych/folk/new music/post-punk blend. Strongly recommended to all open-minded listeners."-Tony Coulter (WFMU)

“The album is a fascinating blend of psychedelic folk, minimal electronics and post-punk weirdness. Acid fuzz guitar, incredible vocal harmonies, drum machines, and analogue synths make it one of Chicago's best kept secrets, with a history that goes back to 1974.
A trio formed by Victor Sanders, X Baczewska, and Sher Doruff, they had a very unique and eclectic sound, experimental yet very melodic, mixing psychedelic folk-rock with art-rock and DIY/post-punk.
Their influences were very diverse: The Beatles, Fripp, Eno, Joni Mitchell, Carla Bley, Pauline Oliveros, and Eric Dolphy. Care Of The Cow debuted in 1975 with a 10" followed by their first album in 1981. By 1983, the band was adding drum machines and synths to their sound, highlighted by Victor's amazing guitar playing and X and Sher's perfectly blended vocal harmonies, resulting in Dogs' Ears Are Stupid, released only as a tiny cassette edition in 1983.
Remastered from the master tapes, includes insert with liner notes and photos.”
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This one still sounds great, 35 years later!!
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