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This is a mega-rare German album from 1978, released on a small label. With a line up of female voice, guitars, keyboards, bass & drums, it blends progressive rock with psychedelia/folk rock in a unique way. I had always heard this was pretty folky, but it definitely rocks harder than all the reference books would have you believe.

"A complete German obscurity,Carol of Harvest came from the city of Furth in northern Bavaria and were formed in 1976,led by main composer and guitarist Axel Schmierer. The line-up was completed with female singer Beate Krause, bassist Heinz Reinschlüssel, keyboardist Jürgen Kolb and drummer Robert Högn. Their self-titled debut was released on Brutkasten, a label which have released a fair amount of German obscurities from late-70's to early-80's. A 16-minnute long suite on the first side along with a short ballad followed by three mid-length compositions on the flipside see Carol of Harvest blending some typical Acid Psych/Folk with synth-driven instrumental prog in an awesome way. Pastoral folk acoustic explorations and psych-influenced vocal-based trippy musicianship is supported by professional, highly dynamic instrumental parts with an energetic rhythm section and superb synthesizers. The compositions follow mainly a low tempo, often dominated by Schmierer's spacey guitar playing along with some orchestral mellotron sounds. What however pushes the album to another level is the majestic voice of Beate Krause, one of the most amazing, expressive and psychedelic female voices ever with a dreamy and ethereal voice, who additionally sings in almost perfect English. Carol of Harvest disbanded shortly after this release....However the band left behind a really masterful album of majestic Progressive Folk music."
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