Carolino, Sérgio - Below 0 CD

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Sérgio Carolino Lusophone ‘Lúcifer’

"If you’re a committed music lover you already know this: Portuguese musician Sérgio Carolino is one of the most important tuba players in the world, in any of the several domains he covers, classical, contemporary, jazz, improvised or experimental. And if you’re familiar with the Clean Feed catalogue you have already heard him with the band TGB. Now he plays solo with an instrument of his own invention, the Lusophone "Lucifer", inspired on the Oren-o-Phone by British superlative musician, also tuba player, Oren Marshall. The instrument is made with old parts from some frontal bell tubas used in the 50's and 60's in the studios. The instrument was based on the Jazzophon, a trumpet in the shape of a saxophone with two bells made and used around 1927. The objective of “Below 0” couldn’t be more clear and ambitious: to “create soundscapes never before explored”. And indeed this happens: you’ve never heard anything like this in your life. A kind of exploration that avoids looking at the ground (“you can’t see anything”), preferring the vision of an entire sky (“at the risk of stumble, but also of profiting from an aurora borealis”). Risk is the key-word here, as in accepting the “imminence of error”."
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