Carolino, Sergio/Mario Delgado/Alexandre Frazao - TubaGuitarra&Bateria

"Tuba, Guitarra & Bateria it’s the name of the record done by three of the most known and charismatic Portuguese musicians, forming an unusual trio that hardly lets us guess the resulting sonorities. We might suppose that the Tuba would do the double bass role, but not. It develops a function like any of the other two instruments, with a rhythmic and a melodic part, revealing a surprising versatility. The sound of the trio reminds us of other unorthodox formations like the Jimmy Giuffre Trio, the John Zorn of “News for Lulu”, or the Tiny Bell Trio. This recording, that includes, besides the original compositions, songs from such diverse composers like Jorge Palma (“Só”), Carlos Barretto (“3.4.7”), Thelonious Monk (“Brilliant Corners”), Bud Powell (“Un Poco Loco”), or even Led Zeppelin (“Black Dog”), is one of the most challenging recordings ever from the Portuguese jazz book. The feeling of the group, a fun and joyful “portable” band, that comes as close to a traditional New Orleans sound as to more contemporary sounds, keeps untouched the virtues of jazz as popular and accessible music while still being coherent with it’s own time. Alexandre Frazão was born in Rio de Janeiro and lives in Portugal since 1987, proving himself as one of the most original and talented Portuguese drummers. He studied with Alan Dawson, Kenny Washington and Max Roach. He contributed to many landmark recordings in Portuguese jazz and pop like “Tempo” by Pedro Abrunhosa, “Hoje” by Mário Laginha and “Navegantes” by Rão Kyao. He’s co-founder of the groups Ficções and Tim Tim por Tim Tum and a member of the Orchestra Sons da Lusofonia. Sérgio Carolino was born in Alcobaça. He studied both in the Lisbon Superior Music School and in the Geneva Music Conservatory, where he got his professional degree. He his one of the most requested tuba players to do instrument master classes all over Europe. He is a member of the dixieland group “Estardalhaço da Geringonça”, of the Portuguese tuba ensemble “Tubophonia” and the “Tubophonia Jazz Ensemble”. Mário Delgado started his studies in the Hot Club jazz school and got involved in Workshops and Master classes with some of the leading contemporary jazz guitar players like John Abercrombie, Bill Frisell or Atilla Zoller. He recorded some Portuguese jazz classics like “Taifas” with José Peixoto and José Salgueiro, “Suite da Terra” with Salgueiro and Carlos Barretto, “Silêncios” and “Radio Song” with the Carlos Barretto Trio, “Undercovers” with Maria João and Mário Laginha and, most of all, “Filactera” recorded with his own quintet for Clean Feed."
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