Carthy, Eliza - Eliza Carthy and The Kings Of Calicutt (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Eliza Carthy's second album, Eliza Carthy & the Kings of Calicutt, is a wonderful set of traditional English folk that sounds fresh and alive, not sterile and ancient. Carthy has a superb ear, assembling a set of traditional songs that have provocative lyrics and strong melodies, and then she is brave enough to let herself and her band tear through them with passion, playing them as if they were written today, not a century ago. And that's what makes the album work: the songs are great, and they're played with a vital vigor that makes them sound fresh.”-AllMusic

“Eliza Carthy might have learned from the best--her parents are Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson--but she's rapidly developed into a staggering talent on her own. The Kings of Calicutt is just one of her projects, this exploring traditional music of all kinds--primarily English, but also American, and even Bahamian. For someone who's only been playing the fiddle for a short time, she's already acquired her own style, very much in the English tradition, and is coming on at a staggering pace. Her singing, too, continues to increase by leaps and bounds. This record contains one of the loveliest old songs recently found, "The Fisher Boy." This is a superbly adventurous record, made by someone who looks at traditional music with fresh eyes, and sees no borders.”-Chris Nickson
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