Cast - Vigesimus

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Luis Alfonso Vidales / keyboards
Bobby Vidales / vocals
Lupita Acuña / vocals
Claudio Cordero / guitars
Roberto Izzo / violin
Carlos Humarán / bass, backing vocals
Jose Antonio Bringas / drums, percussion

“The 20th album release from Mexican band, Cast, formed by keyboard maestro, Alfonso Vidales in 1978. Almost 80 minutes of music - 10 tracks - our of which are around 10 minutes long. If you had to compare [to another group], I would say early PFM, simply because of the interplay between keyboards, violin and guitar -but Cast have a more symphonic, almost Ayreon-type operatic sound.
Solos are brief and not over extended - the band create more of an orchestrated sound. Track 3 The Unknown Wise advise is a representative, complete band sound with brief guitar, keys and a constant violin backing. Manley is an odder track - thinking of ELP but more violin. All in all an excellent album - production is great - I think a contender for best of 2021.”-progarchives
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