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Philip Catherine is a long, long established and respected jazz guitarist from Belgium. He's had a long career and has worked in many fields, from totally straight-ahead to jazz/rock to even progressive rock (he was a member of Focus, after Jan Akkerman left!)
This brings together his four WEA albums, all of which are more or less in the jazz/rock & fuson vein; Guitars (never before on CD), September Man (also never before on CD), Babel, End Of August and a disc of previously unreleased solo performances from 1979 & 1982.
September Man and Guitars are known to some of us older folks, because there was a nice compilation of these two albums, called Nairam released in the USA in the mid 70s. That’s how a lot of US folk first heard of him.

"These are a few gems from the heyday of 70's into early 80's fusion that are well worth picking up. The European scene with Jasper Van't Hof and Pork Pie never really was known in the States. Catherine was in Pork Pie, and he's probably best known here for his duo albums with Larry Coryell (Twin House and Splendid). In his own right he was, and remains, a terrific player and writer. Songs from his September Man and Guitars albums were picked up here by Warner Brothers and released on an LP called Nairam. He also was on the Coryell/Mouzon album Back Together Again.
As the 80's rolled on, he moved much more into straight ahead jazz and often recorded on Steeplechase with the likes of Neils Henning Orsted-Pederson and Chet Baker. He's a much more relaxed sounding player today on his new albums, and seemingly far removed from the fusion firebrand heard here. That's not to say he's lacking taste, though on these tracks. He's always been a lyrical guitarist with a to-die-for, vibrato. This collection features the 4 "fusion-y" albums he did for Atlantic and Warners for Europe only release. It also has a 5th disc of solo radio performances from 1979 and 1982. All of these recordings sound great. The supporting players include John Lee, Gerry Brown, Palle Mikkelborg, Charlie Mariano, Trilok Gurtu, and Nicolas Fiszman. This is fabulous stuff that finally is getting a release in a nice box with a nice booklet that's got testimonials to Philip from many who were on these discs and others like Slyvain Luc, Andy Summers, and Jean Luc Ponty. Some of his great tunes like Sneezing Bull from Guitars and Petit Nicolas from End of August are amongst the most memorable and wonderful tunes from this style and era.
The Bremen solo recording disc is really fabulous too. It's solo, in that it's all Philip, but the sessions were recorded over a couple of days. Therefore, you'll hear him fleshing out the compositions on a number of guitars on each track. Great stuff!"
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